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3 Ways to Start a Writing Session When You Feel Blocked

Ever put aside time to write but found the words just wouldn’t come? Whether you write for work or for pleasure (hopefully both), it can be tough to get into the writing groove. And with writing time being so scarce, anxiety about getting your thoughts on paper asap can turn hesitation into full-blown panic. I…
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Lessons from poetry that any kind of writer can use

Poetry has a mixed reputation. It’s often represented as esoteric or elite. Yet popular song lyrics and, even more so, rap rhymes, have made poetry mainstream, relevant and politically urgent. I think poetry is a flexible medium that can convey messages in wildly imaginative ways. If you doubt it, grab a Canadian literary magazine from…
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Five Writing Tips from a Former Journalist

My first career was in journalism. I was a news producer, first for Morning North, a CBC Radio show, then for CTV and other TV outlets in Toronto. I worked long hours and wrote scripts daily behind the scenes. I was happy to work anonymously, off-camera, but this didn’t protect me from criticism: radio and…
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